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Architectural design fully realized 


We love turning brilliant designs into precision crafted works of Art that people can pysically experience. 


Our Process

Our work begins just as the vision of your project has come into focus. Our team of technical designers and creatives help develop the technical details, model and finishes to fully polish your vision before handing the project over to our skilled team of artisan fabricators. Once on the shop floor we utilize the latest in 3D visualization, Augmented Reality and other cutting edge tools thought our QC process to assure your project proceeds according to plan. 

After the completion of fabrication our field crews carefully crate or load your project onto our dedicated trucks and trailers before moving them on site. Our skilled installation crew take the baton performing precision layout, coordination and final installation of your project. 

Sarabi Studio specializes in showcasing the pure characteristics of metals and their natural beauty with a focus on commercial projects throughout the US. 


Nature has always had something to say with few words and intelligent design. But so does man, the power of thought expressed to paper, to then be fully realized when the paper generates the movement of capable hands.


We thrive off of the sharing of ideas:

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